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Thoughtlines with Bob Carr

He added Israel should reserve the right to dispute the boundaries of the new nation.

What prospect did he see for peace? He pointed to what he called “a syndrome of fatigue and exhaustion” between Palestinians and Israelis. He said both are tired “and it is a blessed fatigue.”

Oz is a long term supporter of the peace movement in Israel.

His address was on fanaticism. He said it is a basic component of human nature, a bad gene. Osama bin Laden differs only in degree, in scale, from the fanaticism of someone who blows up abortion clinics in the United States. Fanatics lack imagination. They live without curiosity or humour which are the best antidotes to fanaticism. Another antidote to fanaticism is being able to accept “an open ended situation.”

He said comparing Israeli occupation of the West bank to apartheid is a flawed analogy. From his perspective both are…

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