Post #51 – Back to Basics on an Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Please read, so worth it.

In the Human Interest - Mel Gurtov

The September 2014 issue of Harper’s carried a fascinating dialogue among eight prominent Israeli and Palestinian citizens on the future of their relationship.  It took place against the background of the Gaza war, but tried hard (not always successfully) to be forward-looking.  I thought that a summary of the principal observations, at least as I view them, would be of interest.

  • “We live so close to each other, yet we know so little about each other.”
  • There was a time not so long ago when Palestinians had freedom of movement, without checkpoints.
  • Economic, social, and other Israeli concessions divorced from steps to end the occupation will never be accepted by the Palestinians. Unless the occupation ends, either another round of armed struggle will occur or Islamists will become dominant among the Palestinian population, which would mean an even more violent future and an end to talk of a two-state solution.

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